Pixiebots Cross Stitch

Ok, so there's a story behind this one:

My nana was generally a crafty person, dabbling in everything from knitting to painting to woodcraft. My brother and I used to spend several weeks every summer with her and my grandpa, and we always spent a lot of time in the basement workshop/craft room. She died when I was 13, and sometime after that my mom was going through all of her craft supplies to see what was worth keeping, and in with her cross-stitch supplies was this unfinished picture of some tulips. The pattern for it never turned up, but my mom asked if I wanted it anyway. I'm not sure why I kept it, but I guess I always thought I would do something with it.

Then it sat in a box for approximately 17 years. I thought about it a few times here in the last couple of years, ever since I really started to get into stitching again. Inspired by some other recycled stitchery I've seen (like this) I decided that maybe I could put my own spin on what is otherwise a fairly unoriginal picture of tulips.

As usual, "my own spin" means robots, apparently. After pulling the tulips out several times and looking at them, a couple of months ago I had a sudden burst of inspiration and decided that I should add some brightly colored robots frolicking in the flowers. And then I sat down last weekend and this happened.

One thing that has become clear from this experiment is that it's very obvious that my mom learned to stitch from her aunt, and not from her mother. When my mom taught me to stitch, she was very strict about keeping the back neat, a habit she learned from her aunt. And whoa, the back of my nana's work was, um, less than meticulous. Not that she was generally a sloppy craftswoman - you should see the amazing dollhouse she built. (Someday when I'm not living in a tiny apartment I'll be able to get it out of storage.) I just don't think cross-stitch was her forte.

Anyway, to make a long story short (too late!) I think it's going to be much more enjoyable to have this hanging on the wall instead of stuffed in a box, and I don't think my nana would be too horrified at what I did to her nice flowers. - Krupp

  • Photo Credit: Krupp
  • Depicts a cross-stitch of some tulips with robots hiding behind them.


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