Where should you start your cross stitch pattern?

Once you have structured yourself and are ready to start your first stitch, you may have a small period of time where you wonder where you should start from. Is it right to start from the center, or the top right corner or the left corner? Or maybe it is a good idea to start from the bottom. It is important to find the center of the pattern especially if you are making something that is floral or circular in nature.

However, you may be relieved to know that you can start from any corner that you like. All that you need to do is to make sure that you have enough fabric on each side that is extra so that it can be used for trimming or folding or using up for framing. This may require you to count the number of crosses in the pattern and then counting the holes in the cloth that you have selected. In most cases, you will find the best place to start the cross stitch in the design itself. This is something that will come to you when you see the pattern.

An extra piece of advice is to ensure that you do not use knots underneath your cross stich if you want to make it look neat. When you start you can leave some thread behind under the cloth and continue to create the crosses. And when you finish the thread in your needle you can take it back and turn the cloth to run it under some of the threads that appear below.




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