What preparations should be made before starting a cross stitch project?

If you have undertaken a large cross stitch project then the first thing that you need to do is to manage and structure the whole pattern and the requirements. If you are organized with this you are less likely to make mistakes down the line that can cause you to undo and redo the work that you have done. The first thing that you need to do is to get all the material in place. Get the cloth, all...


How can one decide about the number of strands to use in cross stitch?

A typical cross stitch floss has about 6 strands of thread in it. These strands are twisted lightly and therefore can be separated easily. While most of the patterns that you get on the Internet or in the form of kits shall specify the kind of cloth and the number of floss strands that you need to take, there is a way in which you can figure it out for yourself if you need to. The whole idea of...


Where should you start your cross stitch pattern?

Once you have structured yourself and are ready to start your first stitch, you may have a small period of time where you wonder where you should start from. Is it right to start from the center, or the top right corner or the left corner? Or maybe it is a good idea to start from the bottom. It is important to find the center of the pattern especially if you are making something that is floral o...


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