The three basic cross stitches

Doing the basic cross stitch is not tough at all. In fact it is probably the easiest stitch that was ever invented. Before you start to do the cross stitch, make sure that you have a cloth that has even weaves. You can also get special cloth for doing cross stitch in the market. Use a frame to ensure that the cloth is firmly in place. This will help you in moving faster as you take on patterns. It is also easier to see the cross stitch that you are doing if you have it in a frame.

The next thing that you need to do is to thread the needle. The size of the needles and the number of strands that you take from the thread will depend on the thickness of the holes in the cloth. If you take a few strands of thread when the holes are large, there are likely to be gaping holes in your design that will not look neat. On the other hand using all the 6 strands of thread will become extremely tough if the cloth has holes that are too thin.

The basic cross stitch can be done by taking the thread from beneath the cloth and bringing it out from the other side. If this is the first stitch that you are making you will need to ensure that you do not pull all the way up or else the thread will just slip out. Take the needle back in from the hole directly diagonal to the hole where you have the thread and bring it up from the hole directly below it. Cross the first half of the stitch and you have your first cross stitch in place.



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