Adding seed beads to your cross stitch design

Seed beads can be added to a cross stitch design in case you want to embellish it further and to make it look more bright and colorful. This is a step that is often added in some of the patterns that you will find in the market. To add the beads you will need a beading needle. In case you do not have one and do not want to purchase one either, you can use a size 28 tapestry needle for the same.

In all probability the color of the thread that you should use to insert the bead should be indicated in the pattern that you are following. However, in case this has not been specified you should use the color that is present in the pattern or the color of the bead. In case the bead needs to be added as a stand-alone element in the picture and is not essentially a part of the picture itself, you can use thread that is of the same color as the cloth.

It is best to use half a cross stitch to add the bead. This can be done easily by bringing the needle out from behind and pulling the thread all the way, adding the bead and then pushing the bead all the way to the base of the thread, close to the cloth. The needle can then be inserted in the cloth in the diagonal hole and tightened to ensure that the bead is secure. Sometimes people complete the half stitch to ensure that the bead is properly secured.




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