Cross-Stitch How To

The actual art of doing cross stitch is not tough. The process involves understanding how to make a cross with a stitch on cloth. There are some variations of the cross stitch that are also present. However these are just minor modifications of the original cross stitch. So while you will use the full form of the cross stitch many patterns have the 1/2, the 1/4 and the 8/4 stitch too. The smaller variations of the cross stitch are used for making more intricate patterns like the nuances of a face or a hand in the overall picture.

Cotton floss is the main thread that is used I cross stitch. It is generally made of mercerized cotton and is available in various colors too. In fact the range of colors that one gets in the market can sometime mesmerize you completely. Most projects that you will get will also specific the standard number of the color that you need to use for specific designs.

Adding seed beads to your cross stitch design

Seed beads can be added to a cross stitch design in case you want to embellish it further and to make it look more bright and colorful. This is a step that is often added in some of the patterns that you will find in the market. To add the beads you will need a beading needle. In case you do not have one and do not want to purchase one either, you can use a size 28 tapestry needle for the same....


Choosing a cross stitch pattern

There are essentially two different types of cross stitch patterns that you will come across. The first one is called stamp cross stitch. This is the relatively easier type of cross stitch in which you do not have to do too much counting. The design that you need to fill up with cross stitch is already printed on to the cross stitch cloth. In case this stamped picture is on a regular piece of cl...


The three basic cross stitches

Doing the basic cross stitch is not tough at all. In fact it is probably the easiest stitch that was ever invented. Before you start to do the cross stitch, make sure that you have a cloth that has even weaves. You can also get special cloth for doing cross stitch in the market. Use a frame to ensure that the cloth is firmly in place. This will help you in moving faster as you take on patterns....


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