Choosing a cross stitch pattern

There are essentially two different types of cross stitch patterns that you will come across. The first one is called stamp cross stitch. This is the relatively easier type of cross stitch in which you do not have to do too much counting. The design that you need to fill up with cross stitch is already printed on to the cross stitch cloth. In case this stamped picture is on a regular piece of cloth the x's shall be printed as well. In this type of pattern you will need to just follow the instructions in terms of the specific colors that need to go in specific places.

Sometimes patterns are printed on to cloth meant specifically for cross stitch. In the ones that you get in the market these days, the entire picture is printed on the cloth along with the colors. This removes the necessity of trying to figure out the colors that go in specific places. This kind of pattern is obviously the best option for beginners.

The other kind of pattern that you will get is the one that is meant for counted cross stitch. In this case the pattern is not printed on the fabric and you are likely to get a grid with a design. There are different signs for different colors so that you can differentiate and use the right cross stitch in the right place. In this kind of cross stitch pattern, you will need to determine where to start from and prepare the edges for the same.



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