Cross-Stitch Tools and Supplies

The tools and supplies that you need for cross stitch are extremely basic. This is therefore not an extremely expensive hobby to adopt. While some of the kits can get expensive, you always have the option of buying cloth, thread and needles separately and then looking for a pattern on the Internet on your own. This is something that you will be able to download for free and shall be able to print easily.

There are some awfully large patterns that you will also see in the market. Completing these patterns can take a lot of time but the results of these picturesque wall hangings can be extremely bewitching. A frame and bobbins are other tools that you can use to make the process of doing cross stitch more interesting and structured. It is also a good idea to keep scissors at hand so that you do not have to go looking for them once you have laid down everything else to start doing your cross stitch.

Cross stitch floss

The most common type of cross stitch thread that is used today is cross stitch floss. It consists of about 6 strands of thread that are twisted together. The strands are twisted together in a loose manner and therefore can be separated easily in case you need to use thinner thread for the cross stitch. While aida cloth with lower number of squares per inch may need all the six strands, the ones...


Cross stitch fabric

The base of all the creations that you will make is the cross stitch fabric. This is available in various different types and you can choose the one that suits your project the most. While most cross stitch kits include the kind of fabric that they want you to use, there are some kits that only detail the kind of cloth that you need to buy from the market and the dimensions that you need to buy...


Cross stitch needles

While some feel that you can use any kind of needle when you are doing cross stitch as long as the thread can be passed through the eye and the needle itself can penetrate the cloth, there are still various kinds of needles that are available. The most common needle that is used while doing cross stitch is the tapestry needle. It can be found in the market easily. There are also other needles li...


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