Cross stitch needles

While some feel that you can use any kind of needle when you are doing cross stitch as long as the thread can be passed through the eye and the needle itself can penetrate the cloth, there are still various kinds of needles that are available.

The most common needle that is used while doing cross stitch is the tapestry needle. It can be found in the market easily. There are also other needles like the beading needle, the chenille, the quilting needle and the milliner's needle. Each of these needles has their specific use and can help in making the process that they are meant for easier.

The tapestry needle has a relatively blunt point. This is useful when you are doing cross stitch on an aida cloth or on an even weave like linen. The blunt needle does not pierce the cloth or make a hole in it but can be used to merely push the threads aside. The tapestry needle also has a relatively large eye for it to make it easier the thread the whole floss too.

Embroidery needles are similar to the tapestry needles except for the fact that they have a sharp point. If you are doing the cross stich on a fabric with no holes then you may want to use this needle to make it easier to pierce through the cloth. A petite tapestry needle can be used in case you have a larger number of squares or crosses per inch. When you are trying to add in beading to your cross stitch you will need to use a beading needle. These needles are long and thin and can be used to add bead easily.




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