Cross stitch fabric

The base of all the creations that you will make is the cross stitch fabric. This is available in various different types and you can choose the one that suits your project the most. While most cross stitch kits include the kind of fabric that they want you to use, there are some kits that only detail the kind of cloth that you need to buy from the market and the dimensions that you need to buy.

The aida fabric is considered to be the best fabric for cross stitch. The tiny holes that are present in this kind of fabric help in the placement of the needle and to ensure that the cross stitches are all of the same size. This fabric is also available in different sizes and is calibrated in squares per inch. These can range from 11 to 18 or more.

The other kind of fabric that can be used to do cross stitch on is linen. While there are no special holes that are created in this fabric, the even weave of the fabric helps in ensuring that the cross stitches are of the same height and width. In some cases where you want to make mats and household items, plastic canvasses can also be used to do cross stitch on. For creating bookmarks, ornaments and pins, perforated paper has also been used at times.

Other than the above mentioned options, you also have gingham fabric. If you are using this for your cross stitch you need to ensure that the squares are even or else the design may appear contorted after you have finished. One of the latest products available in the market is DMC water soluble canvas. You can use this to attach on top of any cloth, create your cross stitch pattern and then wash the cloth so that the canvas dissolves and all that is left is a beautiful pattern on the cloth of your choice.



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